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30 Aug 2014 Preview version Choose
5 Oct 2014 Explicitly adds a specific charset for htmlspecialchars(), and wraps it with a custom function Choose
16 Oct 2014 Updated redirect function to work with vhost subfolders Choose
4 Nov 2014 Minor improvements: added missing docblock, fixed security issue, CSS tweak. Switched hashing method to DEFAULT instead of BCRYPT, this is best practice. Choose
25 Nov 2014 Improve the notes on getting started, in particular choosing a programmer's editor. Added introduction to mod_rewrite rules. Choose
16 Aug 2018 Some bug fixes, remove compatibility library for earlier version of PHP Choose
NB: There are several versions of this tutorial, each successive one containing additional improvements. If you're in the middle of working through it, please check the versions panel above, to ensure you're not mixing code from different versions.

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